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Wooden World Map | Trendy Wall Decoration

Unique wood decorations for home and office from Birdywing

Explore and plan your travels with our maps.
Choose the perfect one for you and enjoy a unique wall decoration today!
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Wooden World Map - Wall Decoration for Home and Office
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map with borders
and signatures of countries
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map with borders, signatures
of countries, states and rivers
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map with borders signed by
states and capitals
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map as blank
or as premium
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map made of real weed moss
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premium map
in from 3 images
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RGB LED backlight+Application
and Remote Control

Wood decorations for home and office from Birdywing.

Our company Birdywing is a stylish land of decoration dealing with 3d wall decorations, ornaments for your homes or offices. Our atelier creates unconventional designs that will reach every heart.


Welcome to Birdywing – a place where passion meets craftsmanship
and wood becomes a map of our world!

We are a family that has been passionately creating wooden world maps since 2018, which become not only a beautiful decorative element, but also a unique way of expressing our love for travel, geography and the beauty of nature.

Birdywing is not just a company – it is our joint adventure, the heart of which is our wooden maps. Each of them is the result of our work, attention to detail and passion for creating unique works of art. Our maps are handcrafted from high quality wood, which gives them a unique character and durability.

For us, each map is a story. It’s a story about the places we’ve visited, travel dreams and the beauty of the world around us. We want Birdywing to become a place where everyone can find a map that reflects their own travel experiences and dreams.

We invite you to explore our wooden wall world maps. With them you can bring the world closer to your home and share your passions with your loved ones. For us it is not just a job, it is our passion and a way to share it with you.

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Marian Sikora CEO & FOUNDER
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Unusual wall decorations made of wood

Discover our handmade wooden world maps , wooden pictures and unique wooden wall decorations . Beautify your home with natural and artistic accents. Immerse yourself in the beauty and warmth of wood and experience the timeless elegance!

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Country Wooden World Map

Wooden World Map Classic with country names

Wooden World Map Classic with engraved borders and names of countries or borders themselves, made of natural wooden plywood 6 or 12 mm thick and available in 4 color variants. Use the configurator and compose the perfect map variant for you! Our Classic World Map consists of 7 large continents, 45 small islands and a template for mounting the map on the wall.

Colored Wooden World Map

Wooden World Map Premium with rivers and cities

We didn’t have this one yet! Wooden World Map Premium with printed design is a hit among wall decorations and a real rarity among our products. The map has a very large number of signatures and borders of countries, states, capitals, cities and rivers.

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3D Wooden World Map

Wooden World Map 3D with country names and capitals

3D wooden world map with nation names and borders is the ideal interior decoration.
You’ve come to the correct place if you appreciate the creative power of nature and want to surround yourself with cutting-edge objects that inspire and expand our imagination in a variety of ways.
Our 3D global map is the ideal solution for you!

Exclusive Wooden World Map

Wooden Pictures Modern wall decorations for home & office

Any graphics in an oak frame – This is a proposal for people who are looking for a unique, personalized home decoration. We make wooden pictures burned and printed on wood. You decide what graphics we will make for you. You can choose the pattern of a wooden picture from our collections or choose your own unique pattern. All you have to do is select the personalize options and send us the graphics.

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Enhance the décor of your home or office and enjoy the wood with a stunning Wooden World Map - the exquisite wall decoration from Birdywing

The Wooden World Map is a unique and enriching addition to your living space, igniting a sense of exploration and adventure. This carefully crafted wooden wall decor has the power to transform your walls into a captivating canvas for exploration and discovery.

The wooden-crafted maps, made from eco-friendly and high-quality birch plywood, are not just decorative pieces. They serve as gateways to an uncharted world, waiting to be explored. For travel enthusiasts like yourself, these maps go beyond wall art decor. They also act as guides and sources of inspiration on your journey, capturing the essence of wanderlust.

A wooden world map on the wall adds both aesthetics and character to the interior. It also serves as an inspiring educational tool, helping to learn geography and fostering dreams of travel and exploring diverse cultures.

With a variety of map sizes available, you can customize your map to fit any living space, whether it’s a large wall or smaller empty wall spaces in different rooms. The minimalistic design enhances the elegance of your surroundings, transforming your home into a haven of wanderlust.

Wooden world maps serve a purpose beyond being decorative items. They act as reminders to plan your next adventure, to dream of distant lands, and to celebrate your love for travel.

With the flag pins, available in our shop, you can mark the places you’ve already visited and the places you aspire to explore. This interactive feature adds a personal touch, transforming your map into a visual representation of your unique journeys.

Moreover, these maps are the perfect gift for travel lovers. When you receive one as a gift, hang it on your wall and step back and admire your creation, you realize that it’s not just a map; it’s a piece of art, a testament to your passion, and a source of inspiration for future adventures. Embrace your wanderlust, let the world map wall decor adorn your space, and allow your walls to tell the story of your travels and dreams.

Embracing the beauty of natural wood in different colours and map sizes: Enjoy the wood in your living and work space

Enrich your living space with the warmth of wood, bringing in the outdoors and capturing the essence of nature right within your home. With intricately crafted wood maps, you don’t just decorate; you create an ambiance that resonates with the spirit of adventure. Every contour and engraving on these maps tells a story, inviting you to enjoy the wood in its most artistic form.

Wood Maps are stunning wall decorations that seamlessly blend into cozy rooms, halls, or bedrooms. They also add a touch of elegance and charm to formal spaces such as offices, public facilities, or conference rooms.

Wherever they appear, they will surely catch the eye, add elegance and uniqueness to any interior in which they will be hung. Thanks to our wooden world maps, each space will gain its own, special and unique style and character.

Wooden world maps are the perfect solution for virtually any interior. They can balance a bright and eccentric space or become the focal point of a sober room. The precise engravings and natural colors of the wood will be a pure delight for the eyes.

Wooden Maps: Wall Decor & Wall Art for every travel lover fueled by wanderlust

From apartments to houses, living rooms to offices, wooden world maps seamlessly blend into any space. Their versatility in design and color – from multicolor options to different hues of birch plywood – ensures that they harmonize with any interior design scheme. This isn’t just wall decor; it’s a statement, an embodiment of your love for exploration, presented elegantly on your wall.

Each of us has an inner traveler, a spirit of adventure and discovery, thanks to which we can remember past journeys and dream about those that are yet to come. A wooden world map on the wall makes planning a family vacation even more fun.

Plan your route together and see which countries, places, seas and rivers you will have to cross to reach your destination. Bring the world into your home with this fantastic designer accessory.

Unboxing and easy installation of our 2D Wood Maps, 3D Wood World Maps, LED Maps and Exclusive Wooden World Maps

Installing your wooden world map is as effortless as dreaming about your next adventure. The easy-to-install design ensures that you can transform your space without hassle. These maps present a comprehensive view of the continents and countries, allowing you to plan your travels or reminisce about past journeys with just a glance.

Unboxing the Wooden World Map is an exciting experience for any travel enthusiast or home decorator. This remarkable wood map offers a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. It allows you to showcase your love for travel in a stylish and creative manner.

One of the key highlights of our wooden map of the world is its easy installation process. With the double sided tape or glue and a step-by-step guide, putting the map together and setting up the map on your wall becomes a breeze. It is designed to be easy to install, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you. No need to worry about complicated tools or lengthy instructions – simply follow the provided guide, and you’ll have your map up and ready in no time.

Personalize your Wood World Map: Flags Push Pins, Ocean Names, Airplanes, Ships, Antarctica and more additions

Each of our wooden world maps isn’t just a static piece of décor. It is an interactive piece that aims to captivate you and enhance your travel experiences. Each map is thoughtfully designed to engage and involve you in a unique way, allowing you to marvel at the intricate details of the country names, islands, and other features depicted on the map.

Our offer includes a wide range of fantastic accessories, such as flags pins, names of the oceans, wooden airplanes, ships, wooden wind rose, Antarctica and more. These accessories are perfect for marking your favorite destinations and creating a visually appealing representation of your adventures.

Incorporating a wood world map into your space isn’t just an interior design choice; it’s a lifestyle statement. It’s about embracing the spirit of exploration, cherishing memories, and eagerly anticipating the adventures that lie ahead. So, why wait? Let your walls speak the language of travel and beauty with a charming wooden world map. 

Take a look at our assortment of wooden maps and find the perfect one that suits your taste. Once you have made your choice, you can use our convenient Wooden World Map Creator to customize the map and create your ideal piece.

Highlights of Wooden Maps from

Our wooden world maps are renowned for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Each map is meticulously handcrafted using high-quality wood, ensuring durability and longevity. Our skilled artisans take great care in creating each map, paying close attention to detail and precision, resulting in a level of perfection that sets them apart. From the careful selection of premium materials to the intricate engraving and meticulous finishing touches, we strive for excellence at every step of our production process.

Exquisite Wall Decor: Transform your walls into a canvas for exploration with our eco-friendly birch wood crafted products.

Functional Art: Our maps serve as both decorative pieces and travel guides, capturing the essence of adventure and inspiring your journeys.

Customizable Sizes: The maps are available in various sizes, making them suitable for any living space. Their minimalistic design enhances your surroundings.

Interactive Features: The flag push pins allow you to mark both visited and desired destinations, adding a personal touch to your map. This turns it into a visual representation of your adventures.

Perfect Gift: Wooden World Maps are not just decor but pieces of art, ideal for travel enthusiasts who want to celebrate their passion for exploration.

Versatile Design: Seamlessly blend into any space, harmonizing with different interior designs, making them suitable for homes, offices, and public facilities.

Easy Installation: Experience a hassle-free setup with the convenience of double-sided tape or glue, guaranteeing a quick and straightforward installation process.

Personalization: Interactive accessories such as flags, ocean names, airplanes, ships, and more, allow you to personalize your map and make it uniquely yours.

Exceptional Quality: Handcrafted from premium-quality wood, boasting meticulous detailing that reflects the dedication of skilled artisans.

Eco Friendly: Crafted from eco birch plywood and treated with water-based stain and ecological linseed oil, making them both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

3D Wooden World Map: Crafted with intricate details and precision, this visually striking focal point seamlessly blends into various interior styles, adding depth and dimension to any room.

LED Illumination: Experience the beauty of a wall map with LED lights, which offers a mesmerizing glow and combines the elegance of nature with modern technology.

Unboxing Experience: Unwrapping our maps is an exciting adventure as we appreciate the natural wood textures and carefully assemble each piece.

Lifestyle Statement: Wooden World Maps from Birdywing. com are not just decorations; they are lifestyle statements that reflect your passion for exploration. They create an ambiance of adventure and discovery within your space.

The production process of Wooden Maps

Creating our wooden world maps involves a remarkably intricate and time-consuming process. Every step, from selecting the finest quality wood to crafting intricate details, is executed with utmost precision. Our skilled artisans invest hours of meticulous work, ensuring each map meets the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Expertise in Wooden Wall Decorations

As pioneers and esteemed manufacturers of wooden world maps, we have achieved perfection in the art of crafting wood maps of the world. Years of experience have honed our skills, enabling us to deliver unparalleled quality and design. Our expertise shines through in every map, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Quality wood and eco-friendly finishes

All our wooden maps are meticulously crafted from premium-quality plywood, sourced sustainably to uphold ecological balance. To enhance their longevity and preserve their natural beauty, we apply a water-based stain and ecological linseed oil. This eco-friendly finish we use not only enhances the natural beauty of the wood and contributes to the overall aesthetic of the map. It also provides long-lasting protection against wear and tear.

Handcrafted with passion and meticulous attention to detail

Our production process greatly depends on the expertise of dedicated craftsmen who possess a remarkable combination of passion and unwavering dedication to their craft. These highly skilled individuals play a crucial role in ensuring the quality and success of our products.

Each map we create is a testament to their great work and commitment, as they invest their heart and soul into its making. This personal touch guarantees that every customer receives a product of the utmost quality that not only meets their requirements but also surpasses their expectations.

Our commitment to constant improvement enables us to offer state-of-the-art maps that seamlessly blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary innovation. By investing in our maps, you will not only receive a carefully crafted product but also become part of a larger story – one where passion meets professionalism.

We believe this personal touch sets us apart from others in the industry and ensures an unforgettable experience for every customer. When you choose our products, you can trust that they have been created with the utmost care. So whether you need a map for personal or business use, rest assured that we have put our heart into creating it just for you.

Wooden decorations from - a few words about the production process

Creating wooden maps involves a highly complex and time-intensive production process. As a leading manufacturer of wooden wall decorations, we have meticulously mastered every step involved to ensure exceptional quality and craftsmanship in our products.

All our maps are made of high-quality wood and protected with water-based stain and ecological linseed oil. A significant part of the production is made by hand and we put our whole heart into it to be able to provide our customers with a unique product – perfect map made of the best quality materials and with the highest precision!

Discover our multicolor and three-dimensional pieces of wall art - 3D Wooden World Map

Discover the impressive 3D Wooden Map, a remarkable wall art piece that brings elegance to any environment. With its captivating multicolor design and three-dimensional structure, this unique creation is sure to become a visually striking focal point in any room.

This exceptional and visually appealing designer addition will definitely enhance the appearance of your living or working space. It has the power to completely transform and elevate the interior, making it more aesthetically pleasing.

Our 3D wooden map is incredibly versatile, seamlessly complementing a range of interior styles. Whether your space is modern and minimalist or rustic and eclectic, this map will fit right in. Its vibrant colors add a pop of visual interest while maintaining an elegant aesthetic that suits the ambiance of any room. The 3D effect adds depth and dimension, making the map come alive on your wall.

Imagine unboxing a package containing multicolour and multilayered 3D wooden pieces. As you meticulously assemble the map of the world, you appreciate the natural wood textures, each piece carefully designed to perfection.

Illuminate your space: reveal the beauty of Wooden World Map with LED

The Wooden World Map with LED is a truly remarkable product that seamlessly combines the beauty of nature with the convenience of modern technology. This revolutionary map has completely transformed the way we decorate our walls, offering a unique and captivating alternative to traditional decor.

Our wooden wall map with LED is available in both Premium and Classic versions, making it suitable for a variety of preferences. The combination of high-quality wood and LED lights creates a captivating piece of wall decor that will surely catch the eye of anyone who sees it.

Our company stands out from the competition by offering a unique product that is hard to find elsewhere. We have created a one-of-a-kind wooden world map, crafted from moss and enhanced with LED lighting. The combination of these materials creates a visually striking and captivating piece that brings an exceptional aesthetic and touch of nature to any space.

Whether you’re looking to enhance the atmosphere in your living room, office, or any other space, our Wooden World Map with LED is a perfect choice. With its unique blend of nature and modern technology, this revolutionary product is sure to be a conversation starter and a focal point in any room. [/read]


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