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5 inspiring ways to use wooden maps and pictures to decorate your home

Wood has long been one of the basic materials used in interior design and decoration. Nowadays, it is no longer just a material used for furniture, flooring and finishing works. Wooden maps or pictures for home decoration are just one example of its numerous uses in the decorative arts. In recent years, wood has become a serious competitor to existing solutions in the art of wall decorating, and its popularity is constantly growing. Homeowners are fed up with bland, template wall decorations that have flooded the market in recent years. When choosing home decorations, today’s conscious users and designers choose items that are unique, attract attention, arouse emotions and interest.

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There is also a strong trend towards looking for such interior decorations that stand out for their high quality and natural, timeless beauty. Laser-engraved wooden maps and wooden pictures are perfect examples of interior design elements that combine all these sought-after and desirable features.

If you think wooden maps are only suitable for decorating a large wood home or country mansion, turn off the template thinking and think again! Designers, homeowners and apartment owners are constantly using super trendy and unique wooden wall maps and wooden pictures for personalized interior design of any kind. You can do it too!

Choose, configure and order your wooden map or wooden pictures now!

If you are that lucky person who just became the owner of one of our unique wooden maps or paintings, here are five sample ideas for using them to beautify your home.

Wooden map and other wooden wall decorations as a fashionable interior design element

A great way to highlight your new map would be to put it as the only main theme on your wall. The fashion for walls overloaded with trinkets that reigned for so many years is finally going away.

Outdoor conditions are becoming more and more stressful. This causes us to appreciate calming climates in our homes more and more. This is also reflected in wall decor trends. A wall cluttered with a mass of kitschy decorations has given way to the peaceful charm of one or two large elements.

A wooden map of the world, Europe or Poland is a perfect focal point of your interior design, thanks to which you will enjoy the memories of the journeys you have already made and plan the upcoming ones.

Such a unique decorative element on the wall will also attract the attention of visiting friends and guests. Thanks to this, you will spend a wonderful time with them, talking about the past travels and thinking about the next, perhaps common escapades.

Mount the map at eye level so you can discover and appreciate the subtle details inherent in a laser-engraved map. Limit other decorative elements of your room to one or two small objects that will not compete or distract. In this way, a wooden map will add unique character and charm to your interior.

Consider adding a spotlight to further accentuate your distinctive decoration. You can also order an illuminated LED World Map (HIT!) available in Premium and Classic versions. You can place a chair near the map to make the space even more inviting to linger and indulge in some pleasant contemplation.

Wooden maps and pictures for a retro-style office arrangement

Maps and wood are known to play on subconscious associations and evoke certain feelings. Adding an eye-catching wooden map or wooden painting to a space such as an office or study will evoke an atmosphere of intellectual richness, subtlety and sophistication.

Accentuate this feeling with a collection of old books, a rug with an oriental pattern, leather furniture and warm spot lighting. An hourglass, globe, banker's lamp or an old inkwell will be a great addition. From the ceiling to the floor, you can use drapery made of heavy, luxurious fabric in an intriguing shade for maximum effect.

Country Wooden World Map Natural 1
Country Wooden World Map Natural 4

Country Wooden World Map Natural

Country Wooden World Map Oak 4
Country Wooden World Map Oak 3

Country Wooden World Map Oak

3D Wooden World Map Wall Art Natural 1
3D Wooden World Map Wall Art Natural 2

3D Wooden World Map Natural

Colored Wooden World Map​ Walnut 4
Colored Wooden World Map​ Walnut 3

Colored Wooden World Map​ Walnut


A romantic wall of memories from travels together

Your wooden map should be as individual as you are. Choose a map that represents the place where you and your other half met or got married. Place it where you both will see it often, such as in the breakfast nook, between your favorite chairs, or above your bed.

If you're from different places, maps of your hometowns or countries placed side by side will make a beautiful and meaningful juxtaposition. A vase of fresh flowers in white or red tones will complement this lovely home decor idea perfectly.

A map on the wall as a place to present a collection of travel photos

If you love to travel and have amassed a collection of treasured souvenirs or travel photos, don't keep them hidden away! An elegant connecting piece can help tie your collection together and keep it from looking cluttered. A wooden map for the wall is the perfect and extremely practical decorative element to provide such a linking piece.

To build your travel collection, start by mounting the map on the wall and then add some travel photos in appropriate frames. Use markers and wooden pins to mark places of special interest.

Add a hanging shelf where you can place some well-written travel guides and favorite souvenirs from places you've visited. A vintage camera or compass will also work well. You'll feel inspired every time you walk by, happily planning your next trip.

Complementing the amazing view outside the window

If you are lucky enough to have a home with an amazing view, a laser-cut wooden map will be the perfect addition to it. Choose a map that matches the view and place it on the wall near the window. You can enhance the arrangement with a wooden picture of the world, a selected country, region or city, or a wooden clock with an engraving.

These ideas are just a few examples of the countless ways you can use laser-cut wooden maps, paintings and other wooden wall decorations to spice up your home decor.

If you can't find your dream wooden decoration in our standard range, remember that it is possible to design a custom map or painting. To do so, simply contact us, we'll work out all the details and you'll soon be enjoying your unique wood ornament from Birdywing!

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