Wooden educational toys for children and teenagers

Wooden educational toys for kids are some of the most popular gifts and surprises we like to give our kids. Many people realize that modern toys should not only develop, but also remain respectful to the environment. The aesthetic aspect is also important. Educational toys for children, but also for teenagers should be tasteful, and wood is a timeless material that fits into any interior.

Why choose educational toys made of wood?

Wood is a material with a wide range of uses. It was originally used to create toys. Today, modern educational toys are also made of this material because of its properties and aesthetics. Educational toys made of wood are:

  • durable - not as easy to
  • damage as their plastic counterparts;
  • Timeless - generations of children play with wooden toys,
  • Environmentally friendly - they do not pollute the environment,
  • Aesthetic - they stimulate imagination and fit into any interior.

Their great advantage is that modern educational toys are not only for children, but are also ideal for teenagers. Adults can also play with them. How is it possible?

Educational toys for children - inspiring and developing

Wooden maps of Poland or maps of the world are just some of the educational toys for children that will find a place in the kids' room. They can be supplemented with markers, which make it possible to mark the places the child has visited while travelling. Thanks to this, a toddler, while learning about the world, begins to understand its size.

When choosing educational wooden toys, it is worth paying attention to the wind rose, with the help of which a child will learn the directions of the world and their markings - intuitively and effortlessly, because the best learning is through play.

Creative toys for teenagers - motivating and broadening horizons

Do teenagers still need toys? Of course, although they must be tailored to their needs and interests. Educational toys for teenagers are more like accessories that adults also like to use.

An example of such a toy is a wooden map of the world, with marked cities and rivers - elaborate and extremely inspiring, or a wooden map of Europe. Both of them, which is worth mentioning, are at the same time unique decorations matching the interior design of every teenager's room.

It turns out that modern wooden toys are not only for the youngest. Thanks to wood, they can also be an element of interior design, not necessarily associated with the children's room.

An excellent combination of play with learning and intellectual development of a child are creative toys produced according to Maria Montessori method. Wooden wall maps perfectly fit in with this revolutionary method of education, about which we will write soon. Keep an eye out 🙂 .

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