Wooden home decorations – A wall of memories for enthusiasts

Wooden maps of the world – like all wooden decorations for the house from Birdywing – are decorations made of high-quality materials, however, they are not intended only for travelers. Of course, with its help, you can express your interests, plans, and even dreams related to trips or discovering the world, but not only. The world map on the wall will certainly be an original decoration, which will also work well in the home of people who prefer peace, quiet and rest within their own four walls. This decoration is also great for a child’s room.

Unique wooden wall decorations

Contrary to the already well-known regular, classic or scratch-off maps, this one is very original and makes the interior unique. Perfect as a decoration over a desk or bed. More creative people can also mark their travel destinations or locations they want to visit on it. For children, it can fulfill a scientific and cognitive function, thanks to which the toddler will find a passion for discovering new countries.

The world map on the wall is also great, for example, for the hall. In this way, it can signal to guests from the very beginning that they are dealing with people who have an interesting passion or like original accessories. It is therefore an ideal opportunity to start an interesting conversation with our guests, and - who knows - perhaps even to discover common topics or even hobbies.

A variety of uses for a wooden map on the wall

Wooden map of the world for the wall is undoubtedly an original decoration and works well in almost any home. It is made of top quality natural plywood, which is six millimeters thick. It looks almost perfect on the wall, giving the interior an exotic character and atmosphere, which is simply indescribable.

The titular wooden map for the wall is available in three language versions: Polish, German and English. What's more important, its basic form has also distinguished borders of all countries and continents. However, it is also possible to buy maps without borders.

It should also be mentioned that wooden world maps for wall available at Birdywing.com are offered in four color versions. They can be made of Oak, Walnut, Natural and Rosewood. Therefore, it is possible to match them to the interior of your own home or apartment in terms of color.

These maps are perfect for modern, colonial, rustic, as well as Scandinavian and Provencal arrangements and the like. It is possible to change any interior with their help, without the need of carrying out expensive renovations or buying a number of other, often expensive decorations.

Wooden world map - a wall of memories for enthusiasts

A wooden map for the wall available in the store Birdywing.com is an excellent item not only for decoration. This item can be used, as already mentioned, by travelers to mark places they have already visited or plan to visit. This is referred to as a wall of memories, which is supposed to tell both residents and guests about their travels and bring back nice memories and interesting experiences.

Thus, these maps are perfect for the home of anyone who is passionate about traveling. It will certainly serve its purpose much better in comparison with the so-called scratch maps, because - if necessary - it is possible to change their marking, which cannot be done in case of the other type of maps. High quality plywood can withstand almost endless changes and markings, and will serve those interested for a very long time.

It is resistant not only to dust, but also to the sign of time, as well as other factors, such as sunlight coming through the window, among others. It should also be emphasized that our company attaches a template in one-to-one format to each map, so that it is easier for our clients to assemble the maps and properly "join" all of its elements into one whole.

Wooden decorations for the home and more

It is a great idea to use wall decorations not only for your house or apartment. It is erroneously believed that it is in private, proverbial four walls that they are the most important and it is there that they should be mainly placed. It is, however, a wrong way of thinking, because elements of this type are also very suitable for other rooms.

Therefore, it is worth thinking about installing a wooden map of the world on the wall in your own office, thus sending a clear signal to your contractors and co-workers, that travelling is one of the important elements of your life, or in a travel agency, where such a map will be almost perfect. It will be a kind of encouragement to use the company's services and a motivation to start discovering the world.

We also cannot forget about the fact that a wooden map of the world for the wall will be a perfect decoration in cafes, restaurants, clubs and café bars, among others. It will send a signal to customers that they are in a place where they can taste various flavors of the world and even get to know them better. Some establishments of this type also sell, among other things, coffees, teas and the like imported from various parts of the world. They can be supplemented with maps of the world made of wooden plywood.

It is also important that on such maps you can mark the countries from which the company has just sold items or, in case of offices and international companies, the countries with which they cooperate. It will be an original message, and at the same time one that will effectively attract the attention of almost every item.

It also seems to be an interesting idea to place them at the airport - international or local, as well as in the hangar, where the map will inform about the travels made, or it will complement the original aviation interests.

Wooden maps of the world for the wall can be purchased in two versions - with borders and names of countries, or without such additions. These decorations are offered in several different sizes. So you can choose them according to your needs and preferences. Their prices depend on the dimensions of the maps and the material they are to be made of. They will perfectly fulfill their function in almost every place or room where they will be used. It is also impossible not to mention that their use depends only on our imagination and the places we have at our disposal.

World maps made of wood will therefore be suitable for almost any location. They will fulfill their task and will make every interior acquire unique and unusual character and atmosphere.

Birdywing.com - a trustworthy company

If you have not yet decided to buy our wooden map of the world for the wall, we would like to inform you that our offer also includes other unusual and nowhere else to be found designs, which will surely appeal to you and find their way into almost every heart. Although the already mentioned map is one of the most important items available on our website, our assortment does not end only with this item.

Our company Birdywing is a brand dealing with decorations for both homes and apartments, as well as offices. Our studio is a place where we try to create items which the world has not seen. It is also worth mentioning that we put all our heart and passion into our work. We are a brand that makes every effort to ensure that the products are of the highest quality, and customers - satisfied

We create our works based on knowledge of interior design and technology, which makes our possibilities are almost unlimited. It should also be mentioned that we always try to approach our customers with professionalism. We try to advise you and be in constant contact with you at every stage of our cooperation, from ordering through the production process to shipping the item.

A wooden map on the wall from Birdywing on the cover of Forbes magazine!

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