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Wooden Clock

Wooden Clock

Let us write it out loud: traditional wall clocks are not going away at all! Although we mostly use smartphones, smartwatches and traditional wristwatches, wall clocks are still quite popular. First of all, because they are a great decoration and enliven the interior. We also don’t always use a cell phone at home, so a wall clock comes in handy, if only when cooking.

The lucky ones don’t count time….

However, we all know that knowing what time, it is necessary for our daily functioning. Nursery, school, work, shopping, extracurricular activities, a doctor’s appointment, a meeting with friends, an interview, a workout… We live in a constant state of flux and perform a number of duties every day. It would be hard to fulfill all of them without knowing the time, right? Orientation in time is most simply necessary for us. Unless, of course, we have experts here who can read the time based on the Sun….

Wooden wall clocks: a combination of classicism and modernity

The wall clocks you will find in our offer are a perfect combination of minimalism, modernity and eco style. Like Cupid’s arrow, they will hit with their clues straight into the heart of any lover of natural style! Our wooden wall clocks are made from the highest quality natural materials. Created with incredible care, they will meet the demands of even the most hardened perfectionist.

The offer includes, among others, wooden wall clocks with a motif of a map of the cities of Warsaw, London or Tokyo, engravings of the continent of Europe and the names of individual cities (Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles). However, you will also find classic wall clocks with an engraved face – among 7 designs, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Noiseless wall clock

Do you remember those sleepless nights, during which the clock made “tick, tick, tick, tick…”? And that inability to fall asleep again because that sound drilled a hole in your head? Each of our clocks has a flowing mechanism with no ticking effect. Our clock won’t bring you out of balance and will let you fall asleep peacefully, we guarantee it!

Wooden wall clocks from sikorka.net are decorations that are perfect for both modern and classic styles. Available in four color options – natural, oak, walnut and ebony, they will create a cohesive and eye-catching arrangement.

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