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Wooden paintings, a timeless addition

Wooden paintings are the perfect combination of classic and modern. With their stunning design they will fill the gap on the wall in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, hall, study, or office. Thanks to them, the phrase “something is missing on this wall” can be erased from your vocabulary forever.

Wood has been the number one raw material used for decoration for many years. Its timelessness and, above all, its natural origin good for our health and the planet, make us often bet on accessories made of it.

Our wooden paintings are a unique wall decoration that will give your interior an interesting touch. We make the paintings on high-quality, damage-resistant plywood, while the frames are available in several color variants, so you can match the color to the climate in your four corners. You can also order each painting in many sizes. And the paintings themselves, we have – well – plenty!

Wide choice means tough decisions

And we are well aware of that! It’s a bit like shopping in a supermarket. Who among us hasn’t stood in front of a store shelf, for example, with sweets, and couldn’t decide what treat to put in the basket this time? Well, who? Everyone has had such an adventure! We will not hide – our offer includes a lot of models, and you may have a hard nut to crack.

Wooden pictures are primarily maps (we have a terrible weakness for them!) of the world, countries, and cities. You will find here Łódź, Wrocław, Warsaw, Cracow, as well as Tokyo, Amsterdam, San Francisco or Barcelona. And as we like to reach for the stars, you’ll also find a painting depicting the Solar System. This is a real treat for astronomy enthusiasts.

Wooden symbol paintings

Prefer a wall painting depicting a building, ship, lighthouse, sculpture or urban monument? Be sure to take a look at our “Wooden Symbol Paintings” tab, where you’ll find decorations with a variety of designs. Each of them is made in a style reminiscent of ancient engravings and is sure to enhance more than one corner.

Image configurator

However, if you are still standing in front of the candy shelf and don’t know which product to reach for, we have a solution for you. Our configurator allows you to create your own original image and thus bring you quite a lot of creative satisfaction. The human imagination is truly a powerful tool, and we know that at least a million fantastic ideas are germinating in your head. Will you let us realize at least one of them?