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Printed Wooden Pictures – Photo paintings from a photo are an ideal souvenir for you and your loved ones. This is a unique wall decoration, which with its vivid colors will enhance many an interior.

Photo pictures from a photo – a unique wooden decoration

Paintings have adorned the walls of our homes and apartments for many centuries, but photo paintings from a photo rummaged through a family album is a recipe for creating an interesting family decoration. In addition to the obvious decorative qualities, the picture will play a sentimental and symbolic role for all household members.

Each of us has a mass of photos in our digital cameras and cell phones waiting to be printed. How many times have you thrown in the phrase “I must finally go through these photos and develop some of them”? You know very well that printed photos have their own soul. The same is true of photo paintings – they are a truly special keepsake. Your private work of art.

UV printing: modern technology for the demanding

Printing photos on wood is possible thanks to modern UV technology, which makes the images characterized by extremely vivid and intense colors. In addition, they impress with high-quality natural plywood. Photo images from the photo are a combination of modernity and naturalness, thanks to which they will enrich any interior.