Wooden Picture of the World​

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Wooden Picture of the World​

Wooden painting can be a beautiful, unique decoration of various types of interiors, regardless of their purpose. You can opt for such an unusual decoration of private rooms (living rooms, bedrooms, halls, and many others), but also public places. After all, paintings made of wood are perfect for hotel lobbies or restaurant halls. Appropriately matching them thematically, you can create truly unique arrangements regardless of the style of the whole.

This unusual wall decoration can also make a perfect gift for a loved one. We provide many designs, and you can also choose your own. Because of this, everyone is sure to find something for themselves in our offer.

The paintings are each time made on high-quality plywood made of 100% wood, and the frame is oak wood. As for the color scheme, it is possible to keep the natural oak shade or select from other options – walnut or rosewood. Such personalization is aimed at adapting the color scheme of the painting to the design of more interiors. This is because we are aware that although the color of oak is truly unique, it does not harmonize with every type of interior. Therefore, before purchasing a particular painting, please consider which of the available color variants will be suitable for your home.

To allow you to customize the painting to fit any size interior, we also provide a size selection option. For most wooden paintings, our standard sizes are 20×30 cm, 30×30 cm and 50×30 cm, and in some cases other options are also available (more detailed information is included with specific offerings). However, if from the point of view of the size of the room the size of the picture does not matter, we encourage you to choose the largest of the dimensions: this way all the details are perfectly visible and legible.

In addition to classic offers with wooden pictures depicting specific buildings or architectural elements, ships, city plans or maps of the world from different corners of it – we also allow you to select your own design. This is because we are aware that your dreams can reach much further than our ideas. To order, for example, a map of the world or a city plan, which is missing from our offers – just find the right product and enter the region or city you are interested in.