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Colored Wooden map of the world for home decor

🌎 Colored Wooden map of the world​ with Rivers and Cities
We didn’t have one of these yet! The Colored Wooden World Map with Printed Design is a popular home decor and a true rarity among our products. The map contains numerous signatures as well as borders of countries, states, capitals, cities, and rivers.

🌍 A high-quality Colored Wooden World Map​ with rivers and cities.
It’s already time for a breath of fresh air in your home, thanks to our eponymous maps. The natural color of rivers and lakes has been added to the Colored Wooden World Map​ with rivers and cities that we offer, making it look even more unique.

UV Printed wooden world map

Our product is ideal for decorating your home or office, but it also makes an excellent gift for a loved one who enjoys traveling. The Colored Wooden map of the world​ is made up of seven larger pieces (continents), twenty-four islands, and instructions for assembling the map.
Every true travel enthusiast will undoubtedly want to hang our Wooden World Map on their wall, home decor. Why? Because he will be able to plan his future trips by marking the points where he wants to go with the help of wooden elegant pins that can be purchased in our online store.

The Beauty home decor, a Wooden World Map

🌎 Wooden map of the world​ has a strong influence on his imagination, encouraging him to travel to more countries.
If you have a child at home who is just learning about the world’s geography, this will be a magnificent addition to their room.