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Instructions for assembling the wooden world map

Instructions for assembling the wooden world map

Thank you for choosing our product! Assembling our map is fabulously easy. In the package you will find continents such as North America, South America, Greenland, Eurasia, Africa and Australia and 24 islands placed in the format. You will also find an assembly template in the form of a large sheet of gray paper on which the continents and islands are punched.

For assembly you will need:

  • painter’s tape with which you will stick the template to the wall;
  • an assembling knife which will be helpful for pulling the continents out of the paper template and will make it easier to pull the small islands out of the template;
  • mounting glue or Velcro with which you will stick all the elements of the map.

Step 1. Mount the mounting template with painter’s tape on the wall.

Step 2. Start the assembly by tearing out one of the continents’ outlines from the paper template, e.g. Australia, using a knife from our assembly kit.

Note Do not tear out all of the continents’ outlines from the template at the same time, as this may make assembly more difficult.

Step 3. Stick the map to the wall. In case you have chosen to mount with glue Apply glue to the back of the map in the form of “zigzag” or “dots”. In case you chose to mount with Velcro. Peel off the protective film and stick the Velcro to the map then peel off the protective film on the other side and stick it to the wall.

Step 4. Follow the same procedure with each item in the package.

Punch out -> Apply glue or Velcro -> Glue.

Step 5. Once you have assembled the large pieces, proceed to reglue the small islands. To do this, cut the small islands out of the wooden formatting see step 6.

Step 6. Remove the small islands from the format. Cut the “pecks” with the knife from the kit. You can assist yourself with a cutter to remove any imperfections.

Krok 7. Po przyklejeniu wszystkich elementów. Zdejmij szablon ze ściany. 

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