3D Wooden World Map Oak Birdywing™


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3D World Map Wood Living Room Wall Decor Oak
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The 3D Wooden World Map is a beautiful decoration for any interior. It features borders with the names of countries, capitals and states. The 3D wood world map is composed of 3 layers. You are looking for innovative objects to stimulate and expand your imagination? Then you’ve come to the right place if you love nature.

You will love our 3D Wooden World Maps!

3D Wooden World Map Oak

3D Wooden World Map Oak is a remarkable decoration made of the highest quality oak. This wooden world map impresses with its natural charm and durability.

The wooden surface has been carefully cut and engraved, creating a striking impression of depth and three-dimensionality. It is a perfect decoration that adds elegance to any interior.

Whether you want to decorate your apartment, office or other space, 3D Wooden World Map Oak is an excellent choice. The product is easy to assemble and includes all the necessary components.

Moreover, this map is the perfect gift for travel and geography lovers. Get a unique decoration that will highlight your passion for exploring the world.


BeforeAfter3D Wooden World Map Oak Birdywing™3D Wooden World Map Oak Birdywing™

Package Includes

Mount the wooden world map and enjoy a unique decoration on the wall.
3D Wooden World Map Oak Birdywing™
Wooden world map with additions
3D Wooden World Map Oak Birdywing™
Full montage kit: velco/glue
3D Wooden World Map Oak Birdywing™
Assembly instructions
3D Wooden World Map Oak Birdywing™
Template in 1 to 1 format
3D Wooden World Map Oak Birdywing™

Why buy a world map?

📌Aesthetics and uniqueness: Unique and elegant design that will make your interiors stand out.
📌Develops Geographical Knowledge: Helps you learn and better understand the geographic layout of the world.
📌Educational value: Ideal for families and educating children about different countries and capitals.
📌Natural materials: Made of durable, natural wood, which adds to its eco-friendly appeal.
📌Great gift: Perfect gift for travel, geography or aesthetics lovers.
📌Dual-purpose: Both a decoration and an educational tool in one.
📌Durability: Sturdy construction that will last for many years.
📌Conversations and impressions of guests: The map attracts attention and can become a topic of conversation during meetings.
📌Travel inspiration: It can provide inspiration for discovering new places around the world

Thanks to its durability and unique appearance, the 3D Wooden World Map Oak will remain a beautiful decoration for years to come. Order it now and add elegance to your space.

Have a question? We want to help you.

If the wall is rough, we recommend mounting the maps with a quick-drying silicone adhesive. Be sure to apply enough glue so that the map adheres well to the wall.

We recommend a strong quick-drying silicone glue, such as MAMUT Montage glue, Pattex Fix all in one, for fixing maps.

To mount one 250x125cm map, one 250g tube of glue is enough.

Due to the fact that Birdywing specializes in online sales and we operate globally, we do not provide dedicated installation services. The application of our maps is quite simple – installation can of course be outsourced to a professional, but also placing the map on the wall yourself is not very problematic. If the wall is well prepared and we have all the necessary tools, the installation will go smoothly and quickly. Each map comes with installation instructions and a template for gluing the map.

Easy assembly and disassembly

Mounting our map on the wall is easy and satisfying. In the kit you will find detailed step-by-step instructions and all the necessary mounting components. Thus, regardless of your level of installation experience, you will be able to enjoy the magnificent effect of a three-dimensional map on the wall in no time.

Step-by-step installation:

  1. Tape the paper mounting template to the wall included in the package using painter’s tape.
  2. Punch out a continent (e.g. Africa) from the stencil.
  3. Paste the wooden continent into the torn out spot.
    • Mount with glueDurable, Solid, Strong. Simply apply glue spot-on to the back of the map.
    • Adhesive Velcro Mounting: Strong and sturdy enough. Allows more frequent removal and reattachment without damaging the wall. Just stick the self-adhesive Velcro to the map then peel off the protective film from the Velcro and apply the map piece to the wall.

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    This is a masterpiece! It took my living room to another level of beauty. Great quality!

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    Excellent quality, precisely cut wood. The map looks even better than the photos and more than meets my expectations.

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    I love this map! It looks amazing in the 3D version. Everything is carefully crafted. I highly recommend it!

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    I am so happy that I ordered this map, it is really stunning, high quality product! I give 5 stars.

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