Magnetic World Map Photo Frames for Wall


Magnetic World Map Photo Frames for Wall5$6$

Photo frames are the perfect accessory for marking travel destinations on our wooden world map. Mount the frames next to the map and make a unique map of your memories. Our frames use a magnetic folding system so attaching or replacing a photo is a breeze.

The frames come in 2 sizes:

10x15cm – The classic and most popular photo size
8.8×10.7 – Polaroid 600 in 3.5×4.2 inch format

The frames are made in a minimalist style, so they will fit into any interior and provide you with a keepsake that will do a great job for years to come.

World map photo frames for wall

Our Wooden World Map Wall Picture Frames are a must-have accessory to immortalize your travels and create a unique map of memories. Mount the frames next to the map and turn it into a unique source of inspiration that will allow you to revisit beautiful moments from every place you visit.

Our frames are unique because of the use of an innovative magnetic folding system. This makes attaching or replacing a photo in the frame extremely easy and instant. Simply place the photo on the back of the frame and gently apply the magnetic cover, and your favorite memory will be held securely in place.

Our photo frames are designed in a minimalist style to fit any type of interior. Their simplicity and elegance make them the perfect backdrop for your traveling photographs. Whether you prefer modern, Scandinavian or classic interiors, our frames will blend in well with any of them. So you can be sure that your memories will look great and please your eyes for many years to come.

By choosing our wooden world map photo frames, you are investing in a lasting keepsake that will stay with you for years to come. Solid workmanship and high-quality materials ensure that our frames are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also durable. You can be sure that your favorite photos will be safe and beautiful