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Wood World Map Triptych EXCLUSIVE Birdywing™

517$ 🏷️10% discount: 58$

Wood World Map Triptych EXCLUSIVE Birdywing™575$ 517$ 🏷️10% discount: 58$

The Premium Wood World Map Triptych will delight you with its beauty and accuracy. It is the perfect decoration for lovers of travel, geography and aesthetics. Our triptych is very modern and minimalist, it fits perfectly into various interior designs. You will already mount your dream wooden map of the world mega fast and effective.
Dimensions of 1 piece of the triptych is 50cm x 75cm keeping the offset of 10cm of the image from each other, so it gives you a map with dimensions of 170cmx75cm.

What you will find on the map?
📌 More than 400 cities and signatures of capitals of countries in the world.
📌 The largest rivers in the world and signatures of river names
📌 The largest lakes in the world
📌 borders of provinces/states and countries
📌 signatures of countries
📌 islands and captions of seas and assessments

Wooden World Map Triptych

Exceptional quality of construction of the wooden
Our world map triptych is made of the highest quality materials, which guarantees its durability and aesthetics. We do not use traditional frames to emphasize the modern and minimalist nature of the product.

Three parts – many possibilities

The triptych consists of three parts that can be hung on the wall close to each other, creating a cohesive whole, or separately, which adds dynamics to the space. This innovative approach allows you to personalize the decor according to your taste.

Lots of detail in a minimalist style

The map of the world on our triptych is enhanced with geographic details, such as rivers, lakes, cities and countries. This provides not only visual appeal, but also tactile authenticity, allowing you to feel the relief of the elements.

Frameless design

The absence of traditional frames gives the triptych a modern and elegant feel. The striking print and the lack of a frame make the map seem almost blended into the wall, adding a unique charm to the interior.

Triptych for a gift for your loved ones

Our World Map Triptych in PREMIUM version without frames is an excellent gift idea for those who love travel, geography and design. It is not only a decoration, but also a source of inspiration and conversation.

Availability of color variants

We offer a variety of color variants, allowing you to choose the perfect color that best fits your interior.

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