Wooden Map of Sri Lanka, Country Map in oak frame


Wooden Map of Sri Lanka, Country Map 3
Wooden Map of Sri Lanka, Country Map in oak frame73$183$

Wooden Map of Sri Lanka, Country Map. A beautiful wooden painting featuring a perfectly finished map of Sri Lanka with the most important territorial waters highlighted is quite a treat for those who have had a chance to visit the country, as well as for those who still have this trip ahead of them. The map is applied to high-quality natural plywood and surrounded by an oak frame. This kind of image is not only a perfect gift, but also a great idea to purchase for personal use.

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Wooden Map of Sri Lanka, in an oak frame

The wooden painting depicts a superbly rendered map of Sri Lanka along with the most significant rivers and lakes. The overall design is extremely aesthetically pleasing and will easily blend in with most interiors, starting from home living rooms, through bedrooms, living rooms, studies and public places such as restaurants or hotel lobbies. We assure you that everyone will come to see the painting up close and will surely return to it later, as discovering all the details of the map at once is simply impossible.

The painting is made of top quality, all-natural plywood, and the frame is oak wood. The whole thing is not decorated in any way, in order to provide the painting with the simplest possible form, which will easily blend in with interiors of different finishes: through classic, modern, to industrial or even glamour. We guarantee that no matter what style the room is decorated in – thanks to the great simplicity of the form, the painting will blend into the arrangement.


To meet your expectations, we offer you to choose from four sizes of the painting: 20×30, 30×30, 50×30, 70x50cm. In each case, this wall decoration is made in the same level of detail, with identical details in each size.

In addition, we give you the opportunity to choose from three colors for this wall decoration: walnut, rosewood or oak. Depending on the color scheme of the room’s decor, it is advisable to adjust the coloring of the painting accordingly, so that it blends in as well as possible.

We also encourage you to have fun creating compositions from our paintings. It is possible, for example, to combine three maps from different regions over the sofa or to create a mosaic from three color versions of one pattern.

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