Wooden Map of USA, Country Map in oak frame


Wooden Map of USA, Country Map 1
Wooden Map of USA, Country Map in oak frame73$183$

Wooden Map of USA, country map. The wooden painting depicts a highly detailed map of the entire United States, along with the names of all states, as well as neighboring countries of the US. We guarantee that the painting looks as beautiful in person as it does on the available graphic. It will make an ideal gift for a person who has been in the States and returned to Poland or, on the contrary, is planning a trip in the future. The quality of the workmanship itself and the materials used is very high.

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Wooden Map of USA, in an oak frame

The wooden painting depicts the entire United States along with its neighboring countries. Any states that are part of the United States. The whole picture is very detailed and looks great in any room where you decide to place the painting. It will work well in private homes in a variety of interiors: living rooms, bedrooms or hallways. It is also an ideal wall decoration for example in themed restaurants or other such places.

The painting is made of high-quality, natural plywood. It is characterized by high durability and aesthetic appearance. The border was created from high-quality oak wood, which not only looks beautiful, but is also very elegant. The whole piece was given a simple form, which easily fits into various interiors.


To allow you to adjust the size of the painting to the area of the room, we offer up to three versions in this regard. There are 20Γ—30 cm, 30Γ—30 cm , 50Γ—30 cm and 70×50 cm paintings available for sale. Each of them is characterized by the same detail as the others, so you can enjoy a beautiful map in any room regardless of its size.

At the same time, we meet your needs in terms of the color scheme of our paintings. For this reason, we offer you the opportunity to purchase the map of the United States in oak, rosewood and walnut colors. We also encourage you to create various mosaics using our paintings. For example, you can combine several different maps or three of the same design in different color versions.

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