Wooden picture of Eiffel Tower, in an oak frame


Wooden picture of Eiffel Tower, in an oak frame73$183$

The wooden painting shows a high-quality map showing the Eiffel Tower. High detail and accurate reproduction of even the smallest elements is a big plus of this image. We assure you that everyone who watches it at least once will come back to look again at the intricate detail of the map. In addition, the painting was made of the highest quality materials and framed in an oak frame. The picture is the perfect gift for fans of Eiffel Tower.

Wooden picture of Eiffel Tower, in an oak frame

This wall decoration shows a very detailed and detailedEiffel Tower.

The wooden picture will be perfect for all kinds of interiors: living rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, halls or home offices. It can also be successfully placed in places such as stylized restaurants or hotel lobbies. Surely everyone will pay attention to it and come closer to admire the level of detail of the painting.


The Eiffel Tower was burned on high-quality, natural plywood, which is characterized by high aesthetics and durability. In addition, the whole was placed in an elegant, oak frame. The wooden picture looks very artfully, and at the same time it is very simple, thanks to which it fits perfectly in classic, modern, industrial and many other interiors, regardless of the type of finish used.


In order to meet your expectations, we give you the opportunity to choose one of the four sizes of the map. 

Depending on the available space, it is possible to choose a picture with dimensions: 20 × 30 cm, 30 × 30 cm, 50 × 30 cm and 70×50 cm. Each of the paintings is equally detailed – even the smallest of them has the same details as the larger versions.

We offer picture frames in various colors, therefore it is possible to buy our wall decorations with the Eiffel Tower in three color versions: standard oak, rosewood and walnut. It is worth choosing the solution that best suits the other elements of the equipment in terms of color.


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