What to hang on the empty wall above the desk – wooden decorations for the office

Wooden office decorations are one of the many options for arranging an office space. The wall by the desk should be used practically and at the same time look nice. The wall above the desk should be arranged to best suit the nature of work.

What to hang on the empty wall above the desk?

Most often we hang cork or magnetic boards in this place. People who have creative professions usually hang pictures, clippings, material samples, texts on the wall above their desks. A corkboard above the desk is also an ideal solution for a student's room.

Wooden decorations for the office

However, practical use of empty wall space at the desk is not the only possibility. Our customer, Agnieszka, opted for wooden decorations for her office and on the wall above her desk there is a place for a titular wooden map of the world with borders and names of countries. Mrs. Agnieszka chose the map in oak, which perfectly matches the color of her wooden desk. The whole looks very stylish and inspiring.

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