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Wooden Street Map of Hanoi – Urban City Plan, in an oak frame



Wooden Street Map of Hanoi – Urban City Plan. The wooden painting depicting the capital of Vietnam is quite a treat for many travelers and people interested in the culture of Southeast Asia. We encourage you to purchase it both for personal use and as a gift. The simple, yet elegant form of the painting give confidence that it will find its way into any room regardless of its color scheme and decor. The ability to choose from three sizes also makes it fit the dimensions of the room.

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Wooden Street Map of Hanoi – Urban City Plan, in an oak frame

The Vietnamese capital is a beautiful and at the same time large city, which is crossed by a river. Thanks to our painting, you can get to know the exact layout of the city (if a trip to Vietnam is still in the plans) or bring back pleasant memories – when the trip has already taken place. Whether you make the purchase for yourself or for a gift – we guarantee that wherever the painting will be, it will catch the attention of those in the same room. The high level of detail guarantees that each time you look at it, the wall decoration will reveal another secret and element that you have not noticed before.

To make it possible to adapt the painting to different types of rooms, we provide a choice of up to three sizes. We offer small 20×30 cm paintings, medium 30×30 cm paintings and large 50×30 cm and 70×50 cm paintings. If you have any doubts about which size will be best, we encourage you to cut out pieces of the specified dimensions from the paper and apply them to the wall.

The whole piece can come in three colors: rosewood, walnut or oak. This possibility of personalization means that the wooden painting depicting Hanoi will certainly find its way into a variety of interiors, regardless of the style in which they are finished. This is a great convenience, making us customize this decoration to meet our own needs and ensure full aesthetics.

The wall decoration was created using high-grade, natural plywood and surrounded by a wooden oak frame. The whole thing has a very simple shape with no decorations, which makes it very versatile. Thanks to this, our painting will find its way into interiors with modern, classic, industrial and other types of finishes. We encourage you to combine different paintings from our collection into an unparalleled mosaic.

We are an environmentally conscious company, so our products are made of natural raw materials. The frame is made of solid wood-oak, while the city map is made of natural wooden plywood.

Wooden Street Map of Hanoi - Urban City Plan 1


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