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World map of moss cladonia, green map


A world map of moss Caledonia is a hit among wall decorations and a real rarity in our products. This has not happened yet! You can order it in 4 different sizes, ranging from 150 × 70 cm to 250 × 125 cm. Here you will not see the borders of continents or country borders, but the secret eye will reveal beautiful grass, illuminating every dark room, and adding a touch of Provence to bright interiors.


Wooden World Map made of Moss Caldonia - green map

This has not happened yet! The Wooden World Map made of moss caldonia is a hit among wall decorations and a real rarity among our products. Here you will not see the borders of continents or country borders, but your eyes will see beautiful, green and filled with ecological lichen Map. Our moss map will brighten up any dark room, and will add a touch of provence to bright interiors.

Along with our Green World Map, you will receive the instructions you need to suspend it. Do not worry, because the entire assembly will not take you more than a few minutes, and the very suspension of the map is very easy.

A moss wall decoration will give any interior a unique character, and will also make you feel calm and comfortable. After all, the colors of the earth, and especially green, help to maintain a calm state of mind. The Moss World Map is completely maintenance-free, requires no watering, fertilizing or pruning. It also does not require sunlight or lamps. Moss is a very durable plant in itself, because it does not need any contact with the soil. A minimum air humidity is enough for the moss to remain velvety soft and maintain a lush green color. The green moss map will retain its natural, green color and velvety pleasant to the touch, if the air humidity remains between 40-60%. This is the standard air humidity that is found in every home where people stay.

A map of moss caldonia constantly absorbs and releases moisture from the environment, filtering air particles, thus cleaning them. It absorbs moisture and removes unpleasant odors and fungi from the environment. Moreover, moss is an excellent acoustic insulator, thanks to which it is able to silence the room from a few to several decibels. In addition, the green color calms the eyesight and gives a feeling of direct contact with nature, which improves mood and well-being.

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