Wooden Map of Greece, Country Map in oak frame Birdywing™


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Wooden Map of Greece, Country Map. Wooden painting of the state of Greece in an oak frame. A beautiful wooden painting burned on high quality natural plywood and framed in an elegant oak frame will be an excellent decoration for interiors of all kinds. It will work well in public spaces such as restaurants or hotel interiors as well as in residential ones. It will provide an elegant yet unique look to any room in which it will be placed. We assure you that the amount of detail contained in the painting will catch the attention of every person and make him or her stop at least for a few moments.

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Wooden Map of Greece, in an oak frame

The wooden painting is an excellent wall decoration for all kinds of interiors: both private ones (such as offices, living rooms, lounges or bedrooms) and places of public character. The perfectly rendered map of Europe depicts a section including a detailed view of Greece and its surrounding islands. In addition, the image includes the names of the countries in English. The largest rivers are also marked on the map. The painting was made using the highest quality plywood made of wood. The frame is oak wood, adding a lot of elegance and unique charm to the whole. The whole looks very aesthetically pleasing and at the same time universal, so that the painting blends into the decor of many rooms – from modern interiors to stylized ones.

In order to allow each of you to adjust the painting to the available space – we offer the painting depicting Greece in four sizes: the smallest 20×30 cm, medium 30×30 cm, the largest 50×30 cm and 70x50cm. Each of them is of very high quality, as well as detailed.

In addition to the classic color, we also offer this wall decoration in rosewood and walnut shades. We encourage you to match the product with your interior design.

To create a fully unique decoration, you can also combine several of our images into a mosaic. This way you will be assured that no one else has similar styling. Feel free to let your imagination run wild: for example, you can combine three paintings depicting Greece in different sizes, or juxtapose it with our other products.

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